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Problems With Grease

The most common problems in restaurants and other food processing facilities are caused by grease and organic residues that cause blockages in pipes and other parts of the wastewater system. The worst problem is downtime and the associated loss of profit. Of course, the export of grease traps is also a major cost. A grease trap (lapol) is a device designed to capture grease discharged from restaurants or food processing plants. This equipment works on the principle of separating fats and oils by cooling the warm waste water and capturing the already solidified fat particles. Once the lagoon is full, the expensive export and subsequent disposal of its contents is the next step. 

These costs and many other costs associated with cleaning the waste pipe can be rapidly reduced by regular application of bacterial and enzymatic preparations. Bioclean products are designed for the disposal of organic deposits and the decomposition of grease (not just liquefaction, but biological decomposition). These products represent savings not only through their action in septic tanks and lagoons, but also through their dual use (e.g. GreaseClean can clean and degrease floors at the same time).

BCL GreaseClean

BLC GreaseClean harnesses the power of environmental biotechnology to solve problems caused by grease in wastewater systems in a completely safe and natural way. GreaseClean is a blend of microorganisms that have been specifically selected for their ability to effectively degrade grease. The product also aids in the degradation of other organic wastes. These bacteria produce a range of enzymes that break down fats, starches, proteins and plant fibres (cellulose). The mixture also contains a small amount of free enzymes that start the decomposition process before the bacteria start to produce their own enzymes. The production of biological surfactants or biosurfactants is the key to breaking down fat and other substances that are not water soluble. Biosurfactants help emulsify the fat so it can be degraded more efficiently.

GreaseClean comes as a concentrated product that can be diluted as needed. The dosage depends on the workload of the operation. The product can be applied directly into the collection tank or via the waste spout.

BCL GreaseClean solves problems with:

  • by a clogged drain line,
  • unpleasant odors,
  • slow draining sinks,
  • the need for frequent grease trap removal.

Benefits of using:

  • reduction in the frequency of grease trap/skimmer exports,
  • providing a free-flowing waste pipe,
  • eliminating unpleasant odours,
  • biodegradability of the product,
  • reduction of operating costs.
GreaseClean 5l


Dilute the required amount of the product in lukewarm water and apply to the waste spouts. 

Product safety

The microorganisms contained in BCL GREASECLEAN have all been isolated from the natural environment. They have not been genetically modified in any way. These microbial strains have been classified as harmless to humans, animals and plants. The product has been verified by the State Institute of Health in Prague.

Product Bioline – Drain Cleaner

is a mixture of environmentally friendly, non-pathogenic beneficial bacteria and enzymes that break down all organic waste deposited in pipes and siphons (soap deposits, kitchen grease, etc.). It is also used as a complement to GreaseClean for cleaning restaurant spouts leading to the grease trap. Suitable for all types of waste in households, catering and other establishments. Regular use will ensure a smooth flow without unpleasant cleaning and odours.

Benefits of using:

  • does not contain acids or alkalis and therefore does not damage the pot
  • has a preventive effect with regular use,
  • removes unpleasant odours,
  • non-toxic, environmentally friendly.


Mix the required amount of the product in lukewarm water ( approx. 30-40°C ) and after 20 minutes of activation, the prepared solution can be poured into the treated siphon or drain.

Bioline 1kg

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