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In 2009, two classmates, Jiri Tomica and Radek Sojka, founded BIOCLEAN.  They decided to use their previous experience in the field to offer people affordable products based on bacteria and enzymes designed to break down organic substances. 

In the first phase, the company specialized in products designed to solve everyday household problems (bacteria for septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, waste treatment and many others). As the company grew, it also expanded its field of activity to other sectors. Today, we are actively involved in issues related to renewable resources (products for biogas plants, sludge management, composting), food, industry, agriculture, waste management.

We entered the market at a time when there were several manufacturers of bacteria and enzyme-based products. Entering with a new brand among competitors is never easy. But we were convinced that we could offer people a little more. The existing  brands were either offering an affordable product but with poor performance or a good performing product at an exorbitant price.

The golden mean – the way for you
Our main idea was simple – to offer people powerful products that don’t put unnecessary financial burden on our clients. So we developed a range of products filled with a highly concentrated blend of bacteria and enzymes with a yield superior to some of the bulkier packs on the market. At the same time, we have been committed to maintaining good prices for our customers. We have therefore become a leader in the price/performance ratio and we are doing our utmost to maintain this leadership to this day.

Companies, agriculture and industry

Bacteria and enzymes can solve an unimaginable number of problems related to human activity, and so we started to direct our development also for other application possibilities. Today, our products have become part of everyday life in sectors such as healthcare, food, agriculture, industry, wastewater treatment and also in issues related to renewable resources.

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Radek Sojka

wholesale cooperation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, finance department

Ing. Jiri Tomica

international trade, technical consultancy

Roman Tomica

Industrial applications, Marketing, IT  

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Radek Sojka – BIOCLEAN
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Radek Sojka – BIOCLEAN
Bruzovice 60,
739 36,
IČO: 73847674
DIČ: CZ8602166034

bank account number: 3512849319/0800
IBAN: CZ91 0800 0000 0035 1284 9319

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